#SacGoesBack tomorrow — see you at school!

e-Connections Post

School resumes tomorrow for SCUSD’s 43,000 students — the first time school has started before the Labor Day holiday in as long as anyone can remember.

The earlier start date gives students, teachers and parents more time to get acquainted and build the positive partnerships necessary for a successful year of learning.

Whether it marks the start of the kindergarten or signals the beginning of senior year — or something in between — the first day of school is always special.

Make sure to take a lot of photos to capture the day’s emotions. Share them with us using the hashtag #SacGoesBack. We’ll link to your pics from our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Streets around SCUSD’s 76 campuses are likely to be very busy tomorrow with cars, bicyclists and pedestrians. Drivers are urged to leave home early and use extra caution during drop-off and pick-up times.

“We are asking our families to give themselves ample time to get their children to school safely,” said Superintendent José L. Banda. “Don’t wait until the bell is about to ring.”

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are asked to obey traffic laws and follow common sense safety guidelines around campuses. Distracted driving such as texting or talking on the phone is not only illegal, but especially dangerous around schools, where hundreds of students may be on foot.