Rosemont, New Tech students compete in Forestry Challenge

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Sacramento New Technology High School and Rosemont High School represented SCUSD in the 2013 El Dorado California Forestry Challenge competition October 23-26.

Ten students from New Tech participated in the competition, coached by teachers Senna Davis and Christine Baker.

Juniors Nohely Alcala, Natalie Perez, Oscar Cruz, Sarah Rafanan and Deseray Hendrickson won second place in the competition. Juniors Tracie Indrieri, Joelin Nordine, Fatima Abdel-Gwad, Lidia Lara Del Rio and sophomore Chase Miranda placed eighth out of 15 teams.

From Rosemont High School, Omar Albarran, Yelena Karangel, Stacy Levchuk, Cynthia Randall, Isaiah Bean, Jennifer Applegate, Liz Luyster, Rachel Mostafaie, and Brian Nickerson placed ninth and 10th in the competition. They were coached by teachers Chesshuwa Beckett and Bret Hutchison.

The California Forestry Challenge is a competitive event for high school students in technical forestry and current forestry issues. Working in a five-person team, students completed the comprehensive field test that included identifying and measuring trees, analyzing stand data and making forest management decisions.

Students also prepared a presentation on the Trestle Forest Health Project, and delivered this presentation to forestry professionals. In this presentation, they commented on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project and either selected a plan alternative to support or modified an existing option to better meet the stated purposes of the project.

Their comments are being taken into consideration in determining the next steps in this on-going project to preserve the health of the El Dorado National Forest.