Rosa Parks K-8 School hosts breakfast for SEL Superstars

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Rosa Parks' SEL Superstars

Rosa Parks K-8 School hosted the first Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Superstars Breakfast last month.

Students from each class where nominated by their teachers for displaying competencies in the five SEL skills: Self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness.

Students were presented with a certificate and description of why they were nominated.

One teacher’s nomination stated, “This student showed SEL skills during a cooperative learning activity in Student Government. She kindly included another student, whom she has previous issues with, in a lovingly way. She used positive body language, a gentle tone in her voice to include this student, but best of all, a beautiful smile.”

The focus on positive behavior and social and emotional learning culminated in a morning assembly where the nominated SEL Superstars helped City Year lead students in a fun and energetic morning physical fitness routine.