Practice run of new online state tests begins this month
SCUSD's testing window is April 7-May 16

e-Connections Post

SCUSD students will join thousands of others across the state this month in a practice run of new online assessments that are replacing the old paper-and-pencil tests.

The new Smarter Balanced Assessments are computer-based and require students to write and solve problems in addition to selecting answers from a multiple-choice menu. The tests are tied to the Common Core State Standards, which are aimed at better preparing every student for college and careers.

This year, the state is “testing the test,” meaning results will be used to determine which test questions fairly and equitably allow students to demonstrate what they have learned.

Because this is a field test or practice run, student scores on the Smarter Balanced Assessments will not be reported to the district, to schools or to parents.

To prepare for the shift in assessments, students have been taking practice tests on new Apple MacBook Air laptops purchased with Measure Q funds.

To learn about spring testing, visit To take a Smarter Balanced practice test, click here.