Phoebe Hearst teachers, staff surprise kids with flash mob performance

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Photos courtesy Christina Michel-Albers. Click on the image for more photos.

Phoebe Hearst Elementary School teachers and staff surprised students and parents with a spirited “flash mob” dance rendition of “Holding on for a Hero” from the “Footloose” soundtrack during the school’s morning announcements today.

The performance was orchestrated to promote Phoebe Hearst’s upcoming Air Rock Junior show on April 4.

In her Kevin Bacon sunglasses and “Footloose”-inspired plaid lumberjack shirt, Principal Andrea Egan led teachers through the dance routine, which featured some staff in super hero costumes “battling” the school’s dragon mascot.

Air Rock competitions are a tradition at SCUSD, with Sutter Middle School’s contest the best known and most beloved. Former Sutter Miners come back year after year to cheer on the competitors.

Air Rock Junior will make its Phoebe Hearst debut this spring, and Egan hopes to build the same kind of excitement and sense of energy and community around this showcase of student creativity and good old fashion silliness.

“Phoebe Hearst dragons work hard,” Egan says, “but we hope to play hard too!”