Phoebe Hearst teachers create themed units in preparation for Common Core Standards

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In preparation for the transition to Common Core State Standards, it is important that both students and teachers experience learning and teaching with the instructional shifts and a more thematic approach to curriculum implementation.

This year, teachers at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School have developed units of study tying together language arts, math, science and social studies standards at each grade level under a particular theme.

During the window of May 3 through May 29, each class will experience some form of instruction and learning around a theme tied to the schoolgarden. Each grade level has a unique spin on this overarching theme that correlates to grade level standards with focus on opinion writing.

For example, our fourth graders will be studying the native plants that were commonly found at California Missions. Students will grow native crops, mathematically plot the garden growing space, and argue and write opinion pieces about which crops were most needed and integral to missionary life.

All students will showcase their new learning at Open House on May 29. Says Principal Andrea Egan: “The faculty is so excited to be building meaningful and exciting opportunities for students.”