Peter Burnett’s Brinden Howe is the eConnection ‘Hero of the Week!’

e-Connections Post Peter Burnett

Peter Burnett Elementary School neighbor Marta Chavez was attempting to roll a garbage tote full of heavy ceramic tile to the curb when the can fell on top of her, trapping her beneath its weight. Pinned and in pain, she attempted to alert passing motorists to no avail. Fortunately, Peter Burnett student Brinden Howe, 10, was walking to school past Ms. Chavez’s house and saw her predicament.  Brinden was only able to move the trash can a few inches but it was enough to free Ms. Chavez, who sustained multiple bruises on her legs and arms. Ms.Chavez told school officials that if Brinden had not come to her aid, she may have been more seriously damaged. 

On December 19, Ms. Chavez honored Brinden at school with presents and gifts cards for him and his mother, Heather Howe. The school also gave Brinden a bike donated to the campus by CHIPS for Kids in Sacramento.  Congratulations Brinden, our eConnection Hero of the Week!