Parents as Partners in Schools concludes workshops at Fern Bacon

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The Parents as Partners in Schools workshop series at Fern Bacon Middle School concluded Friday with a celebration.

Certificates were distributed as Principal Nancy Purcell encouraged parents to continue their involvement to ensure the best education for their child.

“It was especially gratifying to see the pride and excitement of our parents knowing they have accomplished something important for themselves and their child’s education,” Principal Purcell said.

The Parents as Partners workshop is a series of nine two-hour sessions offering an interactive experience for parents, with hands-on activities.

Participants learn about the educational system; how to communicate with ease with school staff; ways they can become involved in schools and how to advocate for their child’s educational needs. Additionally, scheduling a nine-week series allows for powerful collaboration among the parents, so they are poised to participate in leadership roles at the site level when they complete the class.

While the majority of participants in this series came from Fern Bacon, there were also parents from neighboring Bowling Green McCoy and Chacon schools.

Parents as Partners in Schools is offered by SCUSD’s Family and Community Engagement department. Contact the Serna Parent Resource Center at (916) 643-7924 for more information.