Parents have until April 1 to object to state student data release

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A federal district court judge has ordered the California Department of Education to produce confidential information related to all students who have attended a California school since January 2008.

This order is part of the legal process associated with a lawsuit over disability rights issues.

This order may result in a release of your student’s confidential information. To object to this release of information, parents must fill out and mail an objection form to the court no later than April 1. The form and further information is available in both English and Spanish on CDE’s website at: and in other languages here

While submitting a form will not guarantee your student’s information will remain confidential, it is the only means for expressing an objection to the current order. The court also issued a Protective Order, which prohibits the plaintiff from disclosing any confidential information to anyone other than the parties, plaintiff’s attorneys and/or consultants, and the court.

At the conclusion of the lawsuit, all information must be returned to CDE or destroyed, according to the judge’s order.

Sacramento City Unified School District is not a party to the litigation and is not required to disclose any student data; the release will be made by the state.