Nominate your school for a free tree makeover

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Think your campus could use a little more green? Need more shade in the warmer months?

Thanks to the Sacramento Shade Tree Program, the Sacramento Tree Foundation is offering free tree expertise to all schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District.

Nominate your school for a free shade tree makeover and get a customized tree plan, expert advice from trained arborists, free trees and a fun tree planting event for your school.

Click here to nominate your school.

Apply by January 31 and your school could be chosen as the site for the 30K Trees Campaign Celebration media event including a tree planting with students.

Shade trees shield our classrooms, fields and parking lots from scorching summer heat. Shade trees can lower a classroom’s cooling costs by nearly one-third — saving money while keeping students comfortable

Trees and green spaces can improve our health and students are more likely to be physically active in areas where trees are plentiful.\

Trees are nature’s way of cleaning our air and tree leaves absorb pollutants, produce oxygen, and make cleaner air for us to breathe.