New Tech students compete in Forestry Challenge

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Students from Sacramento New Technology High School participated in the 2014 El Dorado California Forestry Challenge competition October 22-25.

Twelve students (comprising three teams) from New Tech participated in the competition, coached by teachers Senna Davis and Christine Baker. The teams won second, third and sixth places.

Seniors Nohely Alcala, Natalie Perez, Oscar Cruz, Sarah Rafanan and Deseray Hendrickson comprised the second-place team. The third place team included two seniors (Faith Cash and Fatima Abdel-Gwad) and two sophomores (Isabella Heidrich and Samuel Robb). The sixth place team included seniors Tracie Indrieri, Joelin Nordine and Candelaria Amezquita.

The California Forestry Challenge is a competitive event for high school students in technical forestry and current forestry issues. Working as a team, students completed the comprehensive field test that included identifying and measuring trees, analyzing stand data and making forest management decisions.

Students also prepared a presentation that made a recommendation to the Forestry Manager at Leoni Meadows camp on a combination of activities for their grant application to the Fire Prevention Fund, a grant offered by CalFire. In order to make their recommendation, the students visited several sites at Leoni Meadows that needed fuel reduction, prioritized those activities and chose one or more for the application.Their recommendation was based on the activities most likely to be funded, the importance of these activities in terms of preventing fire and the price tag of each.

Their comments are being taken into consideration in determining what Leoni Meadows will apply for in their grant application.