Navy SEALs put high school kids through their paces
JFK, CKM and Rosemont participate in teamwork exercises

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Teens at John F. Kennedy, Rosemont and C.K. McClatchy high schools learned about leadership and teamwork last week from experts in those fields: Navy SEALs.

While the kids were put through their paces physically, they also were given lessons on the importance of collaboration, which is essential to successful SEALs teams.

At CKM, 64 students participated, a third of them girls.

The program, run by two Navy SEALs officers, began with a 30-minute video on the basics of how the Navy uses teamwork and dedication. These two traits were reinforced over the course of the morning.

After the video, students participated in a series of long strenuous exercises including push-ups, tire flipping and jumping into the McClatchy pool fully clothed. One of the officers later commented that CKM was the first school he had visited where not a single student quit during training.