Matsuyama students video chat with counterparts in Japan

e-Connections Post Matsuyama

Matsuyama Elementary School students held their first video conference of the year with students from sister school Sakura Elementary in Matsuyama, Japan.

Sakura’s principal welcomed the students via the internet and shared how excited the kids in Japan were to talk with their American friends.

Matsuyama students shared how they celebrate the holidays in America and the Sakura students shared how they celebrate in Japan.

Sakura students also shared their top three favorite subjects in school: Social studies, home economics and PE!(Matsuyama students said that science and PE were their favorite classes).

Students exchanged questions and answers about school, food and pop culture in their countries. A few Matsuyama students are fluent in Japanese and were able to speak to their new friends in their language.

The Japanese students are learning English and were excited to test out their speaking skills. In addition, the students at Sakura learn how to cook and sew in their home economics class.

The students, teachers and principals closed out the video conference by singing “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” together.