LubinEats: March 16th

e-Connections Post David Lubin

David Lubin Elementary School is hosting a series of discussions and on-stage interviews called “LubinTalks.”

The monthly, family-friendly evening event aims to strengthen the community by demonstrating for our youth the hope and power gained in working together.

This month’s topic is LubinEats: Farm-to-Fork. How can we bring healthy food to the table for the whole family to enjoy? How can we make eating together an essential part of our daily lives? What tips are there to introduce new foods to picky kids?

The event will be held Thursday, March 16, from 6-7 p.m. in the David Lubin Multipurpose Room. Aimal Formoli (head chef and co-owner of Formoli’s Bistro), Ed Roehr (head chef and co-owner of Magpie Cafe) and Amber Stott (founder and chief food genius of the Food Literacy Center) will be guest speakers.