Learn about the Common Core State Standards at a free interactive workshop
Find out how these new student performance goals are changing what and how kids learn

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SCUSD is offering a series of parent workshops about the new Common Core State Standards. The workshops are free, interactive and being held throughout the district.

The Common Core Standards are new educational goals that promote critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills for ALL students, K-12.

They represent a departure from focusing on multiple-choice tests and a movement towards the real-world problem solving skills that colleges and employers around the world increasingly desire.

Full implementation of the new standards begins in 2014-15, but the work to transition in SCUSD is well underway. For students and parents, classroom activities will be more engaging and homework may be more challenging, with a stronger focus on writing – even in math.

New standardized tests (which students will practice this year but don’t count until 2014-15) will be given online and focus on how students got to the right answer, not just what the right answer is. Students may struggle with this transition at first, but in the end, our kids will be more prepared to compete at the best universities and for the best jobs.

At the workshops, parents are learning about the new standards and how they can best support their students in the classroom and at home. The workshops are being held in every geographic region of the district for both math and English language arts. For a full schedule and list of locations, as well as much more information about the Common Core Standards, visit www.scusd.edu/Common-Core.