LdV middle school students building boat for SMUD Solar Regatta

e-Connections Post

Seventh and eighth graders at Leonardo da Vinci eK-8 School are working on a solar-powered boat to compete in SMUD’s 2015 Solar Regatta in May. Last year, a team from LdV won Best in Design.

The Dolphin Yacht Club (DYC) meets after school and on weekends. Students receive assistance from parents and teachers who volunteer their time to teach them about boat design, motor build and solar power.

Students are learning about solar power and sustainability in a fun and interactive learning environment. Their goal is to build a lighter and faster boat than last year’s entry. 

To reach their goal, the students have posted a video on indiegogo.com, a fundraiser site. Specifically, they are seeking $2,000 to purchase carbon fiber materials, a lithium battery and a boat trailer.