‘Kiyo’s Tree’

e-Connections Post

SCUSD’s Adult Education Department partnered with the Rancho Cordova Historical Society and Edward Kelley School alumni on a tree planting ceremony Friday that honored award-winning author Kiyo Sato, 88 (pictured). Ms. Sato attended Edward Kelley, then a one-room K-8 school, until 1942, when her family, a target of prejudice, was forced to move to an internment camp in Arizona. Despite these struggles, Ms. Sato eventually returned to Sacramento, joined the U.S. Air Force, finished her education and became a successful SCUSD school nurse. At age 80, wrote a memoir of her childhood, “Dandelion through the Crack/Kiyo’s Story,” with the help of Adult Education classes. Ms. Sato also worked to preserve a rare pink-blossoming almond tree on Folsom Boulevard near the Rancho Cordova library. At Friday’s ceremony, a white-blossoming almond tree was planted at the school, which now houses an Adult Education Parent Participation Preschool program. The goal is to eventually graft the rare pink tree onto this one to create a lasting legacy to Ms. Sato.