Help send Sacramento robotics teams to FIRST world championships

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Help send Sacramento’s hard-working future engineers and scientists to the 2015 FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Louis next month.

John F. Kennedy High School’s robotics team has been selected to compete in the prestigious competition — the first Sacramento City Unified School District robotics team to ever make it. School of Engineering and Sciences’ team may qualify for the championships as well, depending on the outcome of its next bout.

These dedicated teens need your help in covering the costs of travel, accommodations and other expenses. Make a contribution at

Your donation could make the difference between just a few select members of a team or the entire team going to the competition. Please help our students represent our great city by supporting our teams with a generous donation.

High school robotics teams in Sacramento work very hard all year long to raise the funds necessary to compete in robotics events. These funds are used to build sophisticated machines and pay for competition entry fees, transportation, food and lodging. When a team is successful, they need additional help in a hurry. 

The FIRST Robotics Championship is considered to be the World Series of robotics competitions.  A team strong enough and lucky enough to earn a place on this roster must raise funds in a very short time. Many teams find out only a few weeks before the championship event and have to pay higher prices for team airfare and hotel accommodations. Then there is the cost of getting their robots, heavy batteries, tools and team booths to the event. Give now and help make dreams come true!