Health Professions volunteers are ‘Heroes of the Week’!

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Health Professions High School (HPHS) graduate Roberto Chacon (pictured on the far right), who is currently studying engineering at Sacramento State, and fellow CSUS engineering student Edgar Ramirez (pictured far left), have been working hard to make a difference at Chacon’s alma mater. Members of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at CSUS, the pair have volunteered their time to tutor, mentor and provide leadership to HPHS students. They have organized their entire group to come to the school to provide role models to teens. Says Principal Ann Curtis: “Roberto and Edgar have gone above and beyond in helping our students to be successful and to visualize their futures. Roberto believes that he can be a unique type of mentor to the students because he truly understands the students and they can relate to him. He has been very successful and he has made a huge positive impact at our school.” Chacon and Ramirez plan to start a junior SHPE program next year. For all these reasons, they are the eConnection Heroes of the Week!