Happy 160th Anniversary Sacramento City Unified!

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American River School opened in 1860 at the corner of 39th and J streets.

On October 2, 1854, the Sacramento City Council passed an ordinance creating a governmental education department and appointed a Board of Education, officially launching Sacramento City Schools, now Sacramento City Unified School District.

The first superintendent was Dr. Harvey Willson “H.W.” Harkness (1821–1901) an American mycologist and natural historian best known for his early descriptions of California fungal species.

When the first school officially opened in 1854, two teachers were hired. Five were added later. Salaries were set at $150 a month for male teachers and $125 for female teachers.

Times have changed but SCUSD schools continue to provide excellent service to our community. Happy Anniversary SCUSD!

Learn more about SCUSD’s history at www.scusd.edu/history-district.