Group donates supplies to Hmong Language Immersion class

e-Connections Post

The first grade Hmong Language Immersion students at Susan B.Anthony Elementary School are the recipients of new school supplies donated by Arms of Love World Ministries.

The founder of the charity, Camille Chacon, and director Gwendolyn Young, delivered the supplies to teacher Mae Her’s class on September 18 and indicated future visits and personalized gifts for the students.

In addition, the class will be provided cultural experiences via celebrations throughout the year and be linked with a pen-pal from the organization and correspondences as well.

Finally, the Arms of Love World Ministries will provide some in-class tutorial and academic support in English. “The best part of this visit was seeing the delight in the teacher and students when they saw the classroom supplies,” says Principal Lee Yang. “The students are eager to see what will come next!”