Good attendance leads to Kings tickets

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Families enjoying a game

For 200 students, good school attendance was rewarded with Sacramento Kings game attendance.

Recognizing the critical role that attendance plays in education, the Kings donated tickets to SCUSD to help reduce absenteeism. The opportunity to go to a Kings game resulted in immediate improvement in attendance for students at four schools in the district that are testing intervention strategies. 

The Kings’ generous donation is part of a broader effort by the district to improve its attendance rates, particularly for those students who are “chronically absent,” missing 10 percent or more of school.

Chronic absence is associated with:

  • Lower levels of academic learning
  • Disconnection from peers, teachers and schools
  • Poor health
  • Lower rates of graduation
  • Future unemployment
  • Future incarceration

In SCUSD, more than 5,000 students are chronically absent each year. To put students on a positive path, the district is actively forming and looking to grow partnerships to expand the capacity of attendance improvement efforts. 

Service providers, businesses, faith organizations and community groups can all help encourage student attendance.

Providing attendance incentives or rewards, like the tickets donated by the Sacramento Kings, is just one example of how organizations can get involved. Organizations can also include promotional messages into existing programming and communications, encourage volunteering in schools and participate in school-sponsored events.

Groups interested in supporting attendance improvement can contact Jacqueline Rodriguez, Coordinator for Student Support and Health Services, at