Get to know our principals: Oscar Garcia, Amber Carter

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Editor’s note: Great schools begin with great people, and Sacramento City Unified has no shortage of talented educators leading our campuses. The eConnection will be profiling principals new to their campuses this year to help our community get to know our administrative team. Today we chat with Oscar Garcia and Amber Carter.

Oscar Garcia, Principal, Pacific Elementary School

Age: 43

Hometown: Winters, California. “Winters was awesome. It was a small town with a lot of sports and that’s what hooked us into school.” 

Very first job: Garcia was 13 when he got a job on a farm owned by the proprietors of a market where his brother worked. “I pulled hoses around and just goofed off.” He says he eventually learned the value of hard work from his father. ”He worked out in the fields and when he would come home from work you could see how hard it was.”

Education: Bachelor’s degree and master’s in Multicultural Education, Sacramento State

Previously: Before his appointment to Pacific, Garcia served as Assistant Principal at Ethel I. Baker Elementary School.

What I like best about being principal: ”I love interacting with the kids.”

People would be surprised to know that…: A former Yuba College baseball infielder, Garcia coaches his daughters’ (he has 9-year-old twins) softball team.

Focus for the 2015-16 school year: “Creating learning opportunities for kids in the classroom and before and after school.”


Amber Carter, Principal, Ethel I. Baker Elementary School

Age: 39 “and holding,” Carter jokes.

Hometown: Sacramento

Very first job: As a summer day camp counselor for Kids on Campus at Sac State, Carter learned organizational skills “that would equate to success later in life.”

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Loyola Marymount University; master’s from National University

Previously: Carter taught Spanish at Kit Carson and Sutter middle schools before advancing to Assistant Principal at Will C. Wood Middle School.

What I like best about being principal: ”I like to work with every person on campus, from the kindergartners to the plant manager. I get to come in contact with so many people and find out what gifts they have.”

People would be surprised to know that…:  “My brother wrote the movie ‘Four Christmases.’ “

Focus for the 2015-16 school year: “I think maintaining high staff morale is a big thing and love to be the cheerleader. I redecorated the staff lounge because I think everybody should be made to feel a warm welcome. I work hard to support my staff.”