Get to know our principals: Aprille Shafto, Eracleo Guevara

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Editor’s note: Great schools begin with great people, and Sacramento City Unified has no shortage of talented educators leading our campuses. The eConnection will be profiling principals new to their campuses this year to help our community get to know our administrative team. Today we chat with Aprille Shafto and Eracleo Guevara.

Aprille Shafto, Principal, Tahoe Elementary School

Age: 40

Hometown: ”I’m from two places: Arroyo Grande in the Pismo Beach area and Roseville.”

Very first job: ”I was a salad bar attendant at Golden Corral. I came home every day smelling like a hot dog. I had a horrible boss who made me clock out and then stay to finish (without pay). I told my mom ‘I can handle this Mom. I am 15.’ It taught me to be an advocate for myself.”

Education: Bachelor’s in liberal studies, Sacramento State; master’s in Education Administration, National University

Previously: Before her appointment to Tahoe, Shafto taught second grade at Ethel Phillips Elementary School.

What I like best about being principal: ”Definitely, the people. We have a great community.”

People would be surprised to know that…: “I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite. It took about eight hours to get to the top. It was so scary and I had so much vertigo I had to lay down. But I did it!”


Eracleo Guevara, Interim Principal, Cesar Chavez Intermediate School

Age: 35

Hometown: Guevara was born in El Sauz, Mexico, and grew up in Williams, California.

Very first job: ”I started working at a Mexican bakery in Williams at age 7. The store was right around the corner from where we lived and the owner put me to work sweeping outside. I had curiosity and wanted to learn and I moved up to scraping the cookie sheets and putting the bread away. It was really fun.”

Education: Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Math, Sacramento State; master’s degree (in progress) at Sacramento State.

Previously: Guevara, who taught math and Spanish at Franklin High School in Elk Grove and C.K. McClatchy High School, was previously the Assistant Principal at McClatchy.

What I like best about being principal: “Being there for the kids. I feel very passionately that my job is to give these kids what they want: An education. They’re hungry for it.”

People would be surprised to know that…:  ”I bake a lot. I should run. But to relieve stress I make everything from birthday cakes to cookies to banana nut bread.”