Find the backpacks and put the kids to bed early
Tips for easing the back-to-school transition

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The first day of school can be a time of anxiety and stress as parents and students switch from the laid-back fun of summer to the structure and routines of school.

Fortunately, that anxiety can be relieved with preparation, planning and a positive attitude. Focus on:

  • Bedtimes: Sleeping late is a summer pleasure. But it can wreak havoc on kids’ bodies if they have to suddenly start waking up early. Consider a step-down approach, gradually getting your kids to go to bed and waking them up earlier.
  • Eating routine: During the summer, many kids get into the habit of eating meals at irregular times and snacking between meals. Just like you gradually adjust bedtimes, gradually get back into an eating routine that trains their appetites for school.
  • Immunizations: Make sure your kids’ vaccinations are up to date. If your child is an incoming seventh grader, make sure you have provided your school with proof of having received the Tdap booster.

The best way to combat first-day jitters is for parents to adopt a positive attitude about school, experts say. Reinforce that learning is fun by taking enjoyment in your child’s accomplishments and giving them positive messages about the importance of education.