Fern Bacon students put thinking, writing skills to test with lively debate

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Editor’s note: The following article was written by Fern Bacon Middle School seventh grader Arslan Ali.

With nervous and tense faces, the debate began. At Fern Bacon Middle School, an intense debate between Mrs. Del Agua’s and Mr. Fernald’s first period and fifth period ELA GATE classes.

Mrs. Del Agua’s class was the OPPOSITION and Mr. Fernald’s class was the PROPOSITION. The topic for the debate was: Should middle schools require mandatory drug testing for extracurricular activities?

Each class performed extensive research and chose three speakers.In addition, three objective judges from around the school were chosen for each debate.

The judges discussed and argued amongst themselves to determine their decisions. Who knew that there could have been such a shocking result! 

Afterwards I asked a member of the opposition about the debate and he said, “It was fun and challenging.” Another member of the opposition said, “The debate was exciting and challenging but fun and I would like to do it again.”

Well, there you have it. The students in these classes learned many new standards like writing an argumentative essay, extensive research skills, citation of resources and creating counterarguments due to their teacher’s hard work and willingness to allow students to apply these newly learned skills in a debate.

This debate was so successful that the teachers are planning another debate for their last unit.