Einstein principal visits China to establish exchange program

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Kirkland signs the agreement to establish a sister school program

Albert Einstein Middle School Principal Garrett Kirkland visited Jiangman, China, this summer to establish an information exchange and student exchange program with three schools.

The information exchange will operate in two forms, Kirkland says. “Our students will be able to extend their learning on subjects such as the railroad construction,” he says. “For example, we know that Chinese workers had a rough time in America building railroads. We don’t know how the money they earned benefited their families and communities in China.”

Also, the school is working to create an information exchange for Chinese educators who teach English.” ‘Ask Einstein’ is going to be an avenue for questions to be submitted about teaching English,” Kirkland says. “Our teachers will send a video back with answers, advice or strategies.” 

In addition, a student from China will attend Einstein this year, and other students will visit the school in February.