Current Zangle users: Learn how to register for Infinite Campus in April

e-Connections Post

Parents and students who currently use Zangle to check attendance and track grades can participate in a pilot of the new Infinite Campus student information system this spring.

Infinite Campus is a state-of-the-art student information system used by more than 2,000 school districts in 43 states. It will replace Zangle this spring, greatly improving SCUSD’s data collection, storage and management services.

SCUSD’s Board of Education voted this fall to replace Zangle because Zangle’s parent company is no longer in business. SCUSD is operating the system without service support or maintenance. Infinite Campus has been in the student information system business 20 years and currently serves more than 6 million students nationwide.

Infinite Campus is web-based, easy to use, can be accessed from anywhere and has a mobile app.

Funding for Infinite Campus is coming from Measure Q, a bond measure passed by voters in November 2012.

SCUSD will go “live” with Infinite Campus on April 21. Zangle will be available for use until 5 p.m. on April 11. SCUSD will use Spring Break (April 12-18) to make the transition from Zangle to Infinite Campus and during that week neither system will be available.

Please see flyer for more information.