Burbank students win ACE Best Architectural Design Award

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Jessica HardyBurbank ACE team

Luther Burbank High School’s Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE) Mentor team won Best Architectural Design at this year’s ACE Mentor Program Banquet. This is the second year in a row that the Burbank team has won this honor.

“This is a big deal for a rookie team only in their second year of competition,” said Joseph Stymeist, SCUSD’s Career Technical Education Coordinator.

The students’ task was to design a Career Technical Education building for their high school campus.To complete the task, the team researched a suitable location, determined the preparation work and determined costs, including salaries, materials, insurance and permits.

After meeting with district and site leaders, the team came up with a design they called the CAS (Construction, Architecture, Structural Engineering) building. With support of architecture and engineering mentors, students used industry standard software to design and layout their project.

Jessica Hardy, who also won the coveted ACE Leadership award, led the Burbank team to victory with her excellent presentation skills as she coordinated the team that explained the project to the judges. 

In addition to Hardy, this year’s ACE Mentor team members were Francisco Garcia, Raquel Palma, Skylar Coil, Iram Naseem, Darryl Tugler, Laila Zaib and Samuel Hernandez.

Many of these students are looking forward to a career in the construction industry. Some members of the team are also planning to earn a degree in architectural design or construction management. 

Lead Teacher, Pamela Buric, and CTE Teacher Andrew Woodward coordinate the ACE Mentor Program, which is an after school extension of the new Building Industry Technical Academy at LBHS.