Bret Harte Elementary’s Fit Friday gets city attention

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Every Friday morning at Bret Harte Elementary School, students, teachers, parents and staff gather on the blacktop to participate in the “Fit Friday” fitness program piloted by Liz Sterba, Coordinator of Bret Harte’s Youth & Family Resource Center and Rebecca Fabyan, CSUS Social Work Intern.

Participants walk, run or skip laps around the blacktop to earn incentives. Each Fit Friday begins with fun music and lasts 15 minutes.To date, 213 students, parents and teachers have participated, completing a collective 4,906 laps (approximately 49 miles)!

On Friday, April 19, Sacramento City Councilmember Jay Schenirer joined Bret Harte to observe and participate in Fit Friday. Schenirer arrived to a welcome banner and an excited group of more 50 children already engaged in laps. Schenirer’s Way Up initiative supported Fit Friday by contributing custom T-shirts for the top 100 participants.