Back-to-school tips for parents — be ready for September 3!

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School starts in Sacramento City Unified School District on Tuesday, September 3.  Be ready for it!

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Tips for Parents

  • Re-establish healthy sleeping and eating patterns. Summer, with its warm weather and long hours of daylight, often means late nights and sleeping in for our children. Before schools starts, help your child get back into healthy habits that will make them more successful in school. Break the summer cycle of fewer meals and more snacking by making sure your child eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. Return to early bedtimes and early wake-up times at least one week before school starts.
  • Turn off the TV. The start of school means a return to routines that support learning, including homework. Condition your child now to refocus on academics by limiting screen time, including non-educational videos and computer games. Puzzles, board games, flashcards and coloring books are great alternatives to TV that ease children back into the learning process.
  • Be a “reading role model.” Read with your child at night before bed to show him or her that learning doesn’t stop at childhood. Reading aloud to children is one of the best ways to increase their “book” vocabulary – knowledge of words not regularly heard in conversation.
  • Check on summer assignments. Many of our schools and programs require summer reading or other summer assignments. Does yours? If so, did your child complete the work? Check with your child or your school before that important first-day assignment is due.
  • Visit school with your child. If your child will be attending a new school, you can calm pre-school anxieties by visiting the campus with your child. Locate the bathrooms, your child’s classroom, the lunchroom, the office and other places that your child may need to know about. 

Many schools in the district will be hosting orientations and events for parents on the first day of school. This is a great opportunity to learn how you can get more involved in your child’s education. Contact your school for more information. 

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