‘Advisory Olympics’ builds teamwork, collaboration at New Tech

e-Connections Post

Grade-level advisory classes at Sacramento New Technology High School competed against each other in the recent “Advisory Olympics,” a team-building exercise aimed at strengthening the school’s collaborative culture.

Students competed to achieve the fastest time in activities that demand teamwork, such as a group “ski” race on the field (the skis are 6-foot wooden planks with ropes for students to hold on to as they move in unison), a blindfolded obstacle course and the Golf Ball PVC Pipe Relay.

Advisory teachers and students worked together to create T-shirts, banners and costumes to show unity and cohesion among the advisory classes. Dale Means’ 12th grade class created a flag using New Tech school colors and carried their flag to each event.

The event was a hit with students. Sophomore Kailee Candia said, “It’s fun to compete in an event that rewards collaboration and teamwork.”