Adding it up: Winning middle and high school Mathletes announced

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Congratulations to SCUSD’s top-scoring 2013-14 middle and high school Mathletes:

High schools:

  • Katie Teixeira, grade 9, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Xiaoquing (Kerry) Mo, grade 10, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Ryan Yu, grade 11, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Junhao Liu, grade 12, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Tom Le, grade 9, West Campus High School
  • Kelly Chan, grade 10, West Campus High School
  • Jason Kim, grade 11, West Campus High School
  • Karen Chan, grade 12, West Campus High School

Middle and K-8 schools:

  • Lucas Gen, grade 7, California Middle School
  • Matthew Tamanaha, grade 8, California Middle School
  • Alex Nguyen, grade 7, Albert Einstein Middle School  
  • Ellen Orr, grade 8, Albert Einstein Middle School
  • Pang Vang, grade 7, Rosa Parks K-8 School
  • Casey Xiong, grade 8, Rosa Parks K-8 School
  • Katrina Concepcion, grade 7, Sam Brannan Middle School
  • Aisha Shahid, grade 8, Sam Brannan Middle School
  • Victor Le, grade 7, Sutter Middle School
  • Phillip Kim, grade 8, Sutter Middle School
  • Elizabeth Dui, grade 7, Will C. Wood Middle School
  • Bill Chenh, grade 8, Will C. Wood Middle School
  • Daniel Leon, grade 7, School of Engineering and Sciences
  • Samantha Hight, grade 8, School of Engineering and Sciences
  • Diyar Faraj, grade 7, Genevieve Didion K-8 School
  • Michael Jang, grade 8, Genevieve Didion K-8 School

Congratulations to coaches Vicki Feliz-Smith (Kennedy); Kim Miyasaki (Will C. Wood); Lucia McCormick (Cal); Roy Baty (West Campus); Kim Nickel (Einstein); Dylan Besk (SES); Pam Phillips (Brannan); Joe Liow (Didion).

Students will be honored by the Board of Education in the fall during the Voula Steinberg Mathletes Scholarship presentation.