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District Program

Child Development and Preschool Programs

During the course of any given year, the Child Development program provides early care and education to approximately 3,000 children ages 0-12.  Children served include typically developing infants, toddlers and preschoolers and those with disabilities.

Parents are afforded a variety of program options and approaches, including center-based and home-based services, full-day/part-day preschool, infant/toddler playgroups and before/after school-age care.

The program’s overarching goals are:

  • To provide early, continuous, intensive and comprehensive services aimed at enhancing children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development that are both culturally and linguistically responsive and aligned to the unique needs of the individual learner;
  • To assist pregnant women in securing comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care and families’ access to community resources;
  • To support parents’ efforts in the fulfillment of their parental roles;
  • To help parents move towards greater self-sufficiency and upward mobility

The Child Development program and services are primarily supported by federal Head Start/Early Head Start dollars, California State Department of Education Child Development  grants and First 5 Sacramento funding.

See the list below of the SCUSD schools that offer child development and preschool programs.

School(s) participating